Our company prides itself in executing proven competent marketing plans and unlimited business growth potentials. We also provide other related services, in addition to servicing the property marketing niche. These related services include, but, are not limited to funds allocation assistance, financial strategic plans, allocation of new homes and interior design service partnerships.

We live by these visions when distributing our services:

  • Provide only the highest quality standards of property marketing services.
  • Faith in our abilities and competencies to deliver the best services in the property market in singapore.
  • Transparency, with only the best interests for our clients.
  • Visible solid teamwork.

Founded in 1982, our modestly sized company now employs more than 3,000 property agents. We also foresee us employing more agents in the near future.

Establish a career at one of the reputable property marketing organisations in Singapore. We provide steady flow of projects you can work on upon hiring. We provide employee trainings on an ongoing basis, too. Upgraded trainings are provided to employees who need them. The Director of Operations oversees the Continual Learning Committee. The committee ensures that employees get the relevant trainings they need to succeed.
CES/CEHA certified property agents are exempted from attending our trainings upon hire. Non-licenced and new real estate agents will need to mandatorily attend the following trainings:

Level 1 Property Marketing Course

  • Specialisation-Based Property Marketing Course

Level 2 or upgraded training courses that we conduct for our employees are the following:

  • Level 2 Property Marketing Specialisation Training Program
  • Level 2 Resell/Rental Commercial Property Marketing Training Program
  • Supervisory Skills Enhancement Training Program
  • Customised Property Marketing Skills Enhancement Program-hosted by certified professionals.

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